Hi there mentees! 

Some of the most recent books I acquired and developed are Alice Reeds ECHOES, Cindy Wilson’s PAPER GIRL, and Madeline Reynolds’ ILLUSIONS. Along with my below wishlist, feel free to wander around to the Tips & Tricks section for a glimpse into how I think about story. There are free gifs for all!

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have a good rest of your day.


Send me your finest YA. I will accept NA as well if it’s on the younger side. Distinction: At the end of YA, the characters have taken a big step toward adulthood. At the end of NA, the characters answer big questions about what it means to be a new adult.

High-concept is a must. Include a logline or pitch that shows why your book stands out.

•    LGBTQIA+, disability rep, neuroatypicality, etc.

•    Non-binary MCs!

•    A trans MC whose trans-ness might come up but is taken as matter of fact/NOT the center of conflict.

•    A trans MC whose trans-ness IS essential to the conflict (eg Dreadnought by April Daniels) in an otherwise super high-concept book.

•    I would love an ace story with a great big romance please.

•    Literally (figuratively?) dying for Alias set in high school.

•    A Gillian Flynn-esque YA contemporary

•    Sci-fi/thriller like ECHOES by Alice Reeds

•    The YA version of You’ve Got Mail. Something using texting, social media, etc.

•    Ingenious retellings. Two of my most recent faves: PETER DARLING by Austin Chant and OLIVIA TWIST by Lorie Langdon.

•    Highly original meet-cutes will make your book stand out.

•    Tropes that will grab my attention: Revenge, fake relationship, bait and switch, blackmail, enemies to lovers, mistaken identity


•    Mermaids
•    Angels vs. demons
•    Rape or any kind of assault as a character motivation, or excessive use or threat of sexual assault as a device to create danger


2018 Young Adult Mentors

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