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Below are the services I provide (prices listed in US dollars).

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TIER 1 (a la carte) PRICE
Twitter Pitch $25
First 5 Pages $40
Query $50
Synopsis $75
Plot Development Consultation $75/hr
Editorial letter (full read, no in-manuscript comments)

<60k words=$150


+80k=ask for a quote

Developmental OR Line Edits $.015/word
Co-create a Plot beginning to end $500
Twitter Pitch FREE add-on
Query FREE add-on
Synopsis FREE add-on
Editorial Letter FREE add-on
Developmental AND Line Edits $.025/word
Twitter Pitch FREE add-on
Query FREE add-on
Synopsis FREE add-on
Editorial Letter FREE add-on

For a description of each service, see below.


Let's hook an agent or an editor so they're dying to read your submission. For back cover copy/blurbs, please see my separate services page.

Twitter Pitch critique — ($25) #PitMad? #DVPit? The Twitter pitch sessions are numerous. You only have 140 characters. Let me show you how to create an irresistible hook.

First 5 pages critique — ($40) Let’s give your book a powerful opening and feedback you can apply to the rest of the book.

Query critique — ($50) Make sure your intended agent or editor can’t wait to open your manuscript.

Synopsis critique — ($75) Agents and editors often look first at your query, then your voice. Now they want a synopsis that shows the story is great *before* they read the entire manuscript.

Plot development consultation — ($75/hour) Plotting might be my *favorite* part of editing. Some of my favorite and best selling books came from spec projects or stories the author and I came up with together. Whether you’re thinking about what to write or already have a book, I’ll help you craft a plot everyone will want to read.

Editorial Letter — (<60k words=$150, 60k-80k=$200, +80k=ask for a quote) Full read of your manuscript and an editorial letter noting strengths and opportunities. No in-manuscript edits.


I edit almost every genre in fiction, though my specialties are teen, new adult, and adult romance.

All edits are made directly in your manuscript via track changes and comment bubbles. I require manuscripts, pitches, queries, and synopses to be sent to me electronically as a Word document with the following formatting: double-spaced with 1-inch margins, using a legible size 12 font (such as Times New Roman).

Developmental edits (content critique) — ($.015/word) I’ll focus solely on the story, providing in-depth thoughts within the manuscript on point of view, characterization, showing vs telling, description, sensory details, dialogue, setting, pacing, plot, etc. If needed, I can also brainstorm possible solutions with you after I deliver the manuscript to help fix content issues (please note, I often do so inside the manuscript, making comments and suggestions as I go). No line edits.

Line edits — ($.015/word) I’ll identify the following: awkward or unclear sentences, repetition of sentence patterns, overused words/phrases (“crutch” words), inauthentic-sounding dialogue, body parts acting independently, dangling modifiers, noun/pronoun mismatch, grammar and syntax errors, etc., plus make suggestions as needed for corrections. I’ll also correct any punctuation errors/typos I find. No content edits.

Co-create a Plot Beginning to End — ($500) Have some great ideas but you don’t know what to do with them? Struggling to outline a coherent story you’re confident will impact and resonate with readers? Let’s create the story together. You’re in the driver’s seat. I’ll help you get to the finish line.


Developmental AND line edits — ($.025/word) Full developmental edits, followed by full line edits, pointing out both opportunities and strengths. This can be done in one or two rounds (two is greatly recommended); if you choose two rounds, the first would be developmental edits, and the second would be line edits.

With this, you’ll also receive a FREE Twitter Pitch, FREE Query, FREE Synopsis, and FREE Editorial Letter.